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The Violence of the Pretendian Cult

For those of us, Boots-On-The-Ground, we face different things than the rest of Indigenous Canada - meaning specifically FNMI (First Nations, Métis, Inuit). We be on the frontlines, fighting the Pretendian Cults that are both narcissistic and dangerous. If any one of you could see from my perspective, the Truth of things would lie somewhere between "Absolute Vile Hatred of the Indigenous Woman" and "Settlers are the Best at Everything, including being Indian!" and we, the FNMI, are not permitted to resist.

As it pertains to Indigenous Identity Fraud (the Pretendians) and what we already know, the reach of these delusions manifests as:

  1. rallying online groups and communities to harass the FNMI person(s) calling out Pretendians and their colonially violent behaviour;

  2. the all-too-famous Double Down - an abject refusal to align with Truth and Reality on behalf of the said Pretendian and their cult-like following;

  3. DARVO (Deny, Attach and Reverse Victim and Offender) - and attacking the Ghost Warrior Society and our supporters and allies;

  4. regurgitating every community action, video, photo op, testimony and article, even if it is difficult to find a testimony from an actual Indigenous person and not a Settler;

  5. pandering to Settlers and Settler orgs to continue the dazzlement and confoundment;

  6. using emotion - not to apologize to Indigenous People - but to rally supporters against the Ghost Warrior Society to retain the stolen crown; and,

  7. threatening legal action and other colonial mechanisms of control.

Sprinkle in some Affidavits and "Elder Shield" in there, too and the atmosphere for us Anti-Pretendian Activists is charged with violence, aggressions, threats, insults and persecution.

It be the same every time, no fail. Same with Beverly, Banakonda, Mary Ellen, Joseph, none of them ever apologize for lies told over years and years, none of them produce that third party Court admissible DNA that proves their bloodline to the nation claimed - and there will simply be nothing in the lines of remorse or restitution!

However, in 2024 - most Pretendians have realized that nothing happened to Michelle Latimer, and most have realized that nothing is happening to the Gill Sisters, either (their charges were stayed in February 2024). But wait - ITK (Inuit Tapirit Kanatami) is suing the Amira and Nadya Gill and this is a most excellent development!

To all my Settler friends and fans and surveillance Defendians etc: This is NOT about sanctions against Settlers en masse. I have many friends around the world who are other races, ethnicities and varities. These friends tell the Truth with me and this is how a good friendship should work.

This issue is singularly about Settlers who falsely proclaim they are Indigenous when they are not (Pretendians). These Pretendians then steal valuable Indigenous-specific lifelines of resources, jobs, opportunities and roles that families like mine apply for over years and years... and never get.

I am soon to be 53 this year. Yet I live in a world that doesn't seem to want to engage with us First Gen Indigenous, preferring a gentler, quieter, more compliant and docile version of assimilated Indian, preferring someone who is more like Settler than Indian.


Are our recent Truth and Colonial Harms Suffered under Colonialism not palatable with your organizations or current environment? Not fit for a magazine cover? Your elite would prefer someone more colonial, quiet and thus, guaranteed to never mention the Scoop or IRS or Human Trafficking or Undrinkable Water or Starlight Tours or Racism and the dozens of other Colonial Traumas inflicted on us - the most marginalized in this country?

Why the love of the Pretendian... someone who is NOT... us? Does the proximity or sight of us incite too much guilt or compulsion to action? (we are better ignored and silenced)

If you love, respect and want to engage the Indian, the hire us, but US! Not someone claiming to "be" us. We deserve to share our authenticity and if you honour that Truth in us, you will see that we are more than our Trauma. We are brilliant, talented and I for one, believe that honouring Mother Earth's children, the FNMI, is the best and most sincere form of Indigenous engagement. Stop hiring Pretendians! Crystal

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17 abr

Puts it in perspective the harm pretendians do.

Me gusta
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