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Conspiracy of Silence

One of the most insidious things about Indigenous Identity Fraud (the Pretendians) is the constant risk of retaliation. It is a neverending supply of microaggressions, threats and violence and basically, you're having to spend every day navigating a vast and deadly minefield. Risk Assessment becomes your imposing thought so you edit everything around the Pretendian and you realize that asking questions brings about some very serious consequences. That editing and wariness includes - What you say, where you go, what you do and finally, you just stop going to Indigenous Spaces and events to avoid conflict and stress.

What's at stake? Your job. Your role in community. Your reputation. Your lifeblood. Your Social Circle. Your ability to get gigs in the future. Your family. Your economy. Your business. Your sanity. Your sense of worth. Your Ceremony.

... absolutely, everything is at risk when you take on the Pretendian and their circle.

They have PLENTY of ammunition at their disposal!

Social media followings and communities. Social prowess. Vast resources. Charm. Manipulation. Ability to play Colonial Systems. Ability to lawyer up. Viciousness at the core and zero remorse or pity. Groomed victims (they're loyal for a reason they can't quite put their finger on, except that they feel drawn to their Pretendian(s) and will defend them with as little as a sparkle in their eye).

"But they do so much good!"

"I've known them for YEARS and they don't have a mean bone in their body!"

"They started this (thing)! And this one, too!"

Intent means nothing without Truth.

Knowing them for years means they lied to you a long, long time. Doing deeds are tainted if Indigenous People were lied to, to accomplish it.

So the Pretendian is able to weaponize our Kindness and as my friend Trevino Brings Plenty defined it, "the risk of Social Death" is the poison the Pretendian's arrow is dipped in. This makes for:

  • a hostile work environment

  • a hostile cultural environment

  • a hostile music scene

  • a hostile arts scene

  • a hostile social life

and you get the idea. If you dare question the Pretendian, they turn their efforts to the destruction of those asking questions, a tactic spelled out by DARVO (Deny, Attack and Reverse Victim and Offender). After all, the Pretendian is inherently a Narcissist and they never take responsibility for their own actions - they will blame all living things right down to the colour of the Sky before accepting any responsibility themselves.

The Pretendian IS a Narcissist.

The Pretendian constantly exists in a disconnect from Reality and Truth and thus, they bring a lot of toxicity into Indigenous spaces (Indigenous in the context of the Ghost Warrior Society refers to First Nations, Métis and Inuit in upper North America (Canada) and Inuit Nunagat). The Pretendian, "Those Who Are False", has made a False connection to Indigenous People and feeds off of it, like a parasite. The host is often unaware or may even welcome this odd latch, this beguiling interloper, this charming thing.

If that connection is ever broken or cut off, the Pretendian(s) experiences a total Mental Health Crisis as their entire known existence is at risk, and they become desperate to re-form that connection to Indigenous Identity. Acts of desperation, sabotage and violence follow - for they are experiencing an acute inability to live in Truth. They have lived in Falseness for so long that Truth could be sitting there in Neon Signs, blaring with a 700 piece band and they will be unable to adjust their Reality to Truth.

"Those Who Are False" have no concept of Truth.

Same goes for the Defendian and the intimate circles around the Pretendian.

But make no mistake, Indigenous People across this continent are very much tired of the one way relationship that favours the Pretendian. Until now, the narrative has favoured the Pretendian: Lack of consequences, people too nice to say anything, privacy laws and Ceremony weaponized to keep questions quiet, and that constant lingering fear of Social Death. These are just some of the dangers within Indigenous Identity Fraud.

We also have term "Identity Policing", which really - refers to the Pretendian being able to masterfully flip the conversations in their favour and takes away our ability to vet and verify our spaces.

Colonialism and the Pretendian have been working for DECADES to build the Perfect Storm. There is a massive, invisible, suffocating Conspiracy of Silence around the Pretendian. This Conspiracy of Silence lounges in academic institutions, halls of justice, the media, the arts, the music scene, in classrooms, employment equity and so much more. It is absolutely exhaustive for Indigenous People to exist in this, on the daily.

The Conspiracy of Silence also refers to the lack of Colonially-supported sanctions to stop it. No charges for Nadya or Amira Gill. No charges for Carrie Bourassa, Vianne Timmons, Beverly Santa Maria, Morris Blanchard or any of them. There were zero consequences and they go about their business and have never given back the stolen resources.

Things are going to change. It is time for education, research, empowerment, analysis, and real strategies to stop the theft of very limited resources from Indigenous People.

Yes. Time to end this Conspiracy of Silence that surrounds the Pretendian.

Time to end it. Indigenous People and our valued allies can talk to us and address issues of Indigenous Identity Fraud anonymously and confidentially. We have been at this for years and will stop when there are legal consequences for this Theft, it needs to be a criminal act to impersonate an Indigenous Person!

We need resources.

We need Investigators in Alberta, British Columbia and Nunavut. Reach out and help where you can. Please. We have much work to do!

Crystal Semaganis

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