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Acts of Colonial Obstruction

Settler Saboteur - the Pretendian's role as a Settler Saboteur masked as a First Nations, Métis or Inuit (FNMI) in an FNMI organization is to control FNMI personnel and sabotage any progress that benefits them. The Pretendian has the Administration's ear and is helpful to the organization on behalf of FNMI while not actually doing that.

The Ghost Warrior Society has fielded over 800 submissions for investigation from the First Nations, Métis and Inuit community and our allies. These names are those who have claimed FNMI Identity and are working in FNMI-specific organizations and in government, in prominent roles: making policy, laws, holding purse strings for FNMI people, and allocating resources like social services, health care, housing, and so much more under the guise of being First Nations, Métis and Inuit. But are they really who they claim to be?

In many cases - no, they are not.

The floodgate has opened and these submissions are pouring in from across this country and the next, and the individuals listed are in positions of significant authority and influence over First Nations, Métis and Inuit. The job titles, resources, funding (and so many on the Sunshine List) are staggering, and thus to cope with the sheer volume of submissions we have implemented a triage system that is based on Colonial Harms, Resources Taken and Danger to Community.

We simply cannot get to all of them now, and to even have to allocate labour and resources to this task is daunting. The Ghost Warrior Society is a volunteer network of First Nations, Métis and Inuit who are committed to restoring Truth to First Nations, Métis and Inuit spaces and resources. The theft is in the billions each year and we are keen and ready to take this on. We have been meeting for over two years, and on April 15th, 2024 this website will celebrate its' one year anniversary. We have noted a pattern in how Pretendians (and Descendians) get a hold in the most prominent FNMI organizations and their positions of authority across this country. We document patterns of exploitation and how they result in the misallocation of resources to Pretendians and it happens most commonly in FNMI organizations, agencies, departments and institutions in a very insidious way and it happens so often, it has to be named.

Colonial Obstruction happens when Settler Saboteurs (Pretendians) are hired in key positions (upper management and prime roles of leadership) in an FNMI org and they then proceed to replace high level management and departments leaders with non-FNMI personnel. Soon, the FNMI employees are the minority in the organization and there is no FNMI representation in the hierarchy of the org, yet the dollars flowing in are all 100% from FNMI-specific sources and designated for First Nations, Métis and Inuit. Once this infiltration by the Settler Saboteur happens, mass replacements are inevitable and often, the FNMI are fired, contracts ended, or are restructured out in favour of non-FNMI personnel by whim of the Pretendian (Settler Saboteur) and their inner circle. There will be a few FNMI remaining who are considered "safe" or "advantageous" to keep around by determination of this inner circle.

Other characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • the FNMI org is publicly funded;

  • the FNMI org is located on non-FNMI territory such as a rural or more commonly, urban areas;

  • the role of advocacy or grassroots service of FNMI is prevalent;

  • the FNMI org allows for the "Self Identification of Indigenous Identity";

  • the FNMI org grows at a rate that is unhealthy and imbalanced;

  • the FNMI relies on NDRs (Non Disclosure Agreements) and imposes legal sanctions when breached;

  • there is significant staff turmoil and a toxic work environment, a sense of precariousness never leaves;

  • the replacement of FNMI personnel to non-FNMI personnel becomes obvious;

  • the targeting of those who resist is demonstrated and/or announced to everyone to quell future resistance;

  • there is an over-allocation of funds dedicated to legal teams to counteract challenges of authority and other employment related disputes, including buy-outs and Severance Packages;

  • the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) makes grand public relations gestures and statements and minimizes, ignores or dismisses reports of harm or harrassment within their workplace;

  • a show of excess, materialism, or capitalistic glory that is often misplaced or inappropriate;

  • the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) uses coercion and acts of Colonial Violence for control, such as negative EPRs (Employee Performance Evaluations) - dismissiveness - microaggressions - racism - and excluding personnel from meetings, communiques, and networks crucial to their employment;

  • the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) tends to hire other Pretendians or clearly non-FNMI personnel;

  • the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) treats their inner circle excessively well, while treating the "threats" excessively bad; and,

  • the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) in charge has an excellent damage control team.

This is happening in FNMI organizations across the country, such as Native Child and Family Services in the City of Toronto, at the Native Canadian Centre in Toronto and in every non-FNMI settlement across this country and beyond where there is an FNMI org.

This is ALSO happening in crucial departments where there is a targeted allocation for FNMI personnel, such as Indigenous Services Canada, academia, provincial and territorial government departments and in Resource Extraction companies, to name a few. Wherever there is Truth and Reconciliation dollars and resources for FNMI, there will be exploitation through Acts of Colonial Obstruction.

It is a plague, to garner millions in FNMI specific funding and resources, to infiltrate that FNMI org and then gradually switch it over until the FNMI are the minority and they are so scrutinized that they often leave over stress, harrasment and bullying. This is happening too often, too obviously, and too traumatically to ignore.

We are aware of this problem and how it has allowed Pretendians to infiltrate the most esteemed roles for First Nations, Métis and Inuit in this country. We have studied every sector from Jordan's Principle, to false requests for Gladue services, to health care, education - every sector in this country that engages with First Nations, Métis and Inuit is affected. We also want to stress that this is not the case in every FNMI organization. Most FNMI orgs operate very well with a mixture of personnel that are all committed to the betterment of First Nations, Métis and Inuit. This is the ideal, but the ideal is not present in every FNMI org. This is not a race issue, but an issue identifying patterns of exploitation of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people and our resources.

We shall address this issue in May 2024 through specific engagements, please watch for announcements and future materials we are developing to combat this new and already present form of exploitation. In the case of Colonial Acts of Obstruction and the Settler Saboteur (Pretendian) - these acts of exploitation and theft, are successful. We are developing systemic strategies to counteract this new threat to FNMI people and resources. Stay tuned. But before I go, I want to note that the most prominent and historic case of Colonial Obstruction ever visited upon the First Nations, Métis and Inuit in this country is... Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Crystal Semaganis Nehiyaw Iskwew

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1 Comment

Gloria Sharon
Gloria Sharon
Apr 16

I am Metis and I am a Metis Citizen with MNBC. I had to prove my lineage to the Red River Settlement in Manitoba to become a Metis citizen card holder. My families name is Beaudry we are descendants of Cuthbert Grant Jr. My people are the most vulnerable when it comes to pretendians claiming and exploiting our identity. The “eastern Metis” are wannabes and fakes. The MNO should not exist for these people. Recently there has been a pop up organization called the BC Metis Federation who inserting themselves politically into BC First Nations territory. They claim that they have ancestoral rights to this territory. Not only has this created harm and damage to our relationship with First Natio…

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